An essential class for all abilities that nourishes both body, mind and soul.  The Pilates method corrects postural defects, reduces back pain and creates a strong core whilst sculpting the body as an integrated whole.  I believe everyone needs Pilates in their life.  We also offer one to one tailored Pilates sessions.




Looking for that dancers body? Join the Barre: This popular class has stormed London and America, combining elements of Ballet, Pilates and Yoga to produce this highly effective workout for all ages and abilities. The technique of Barre focuses on conditioning with low impact, isometric work, to tone and sculpt the body whilst strengthening and flattening the abs. Improved posture, increased flexibility and reduce stress.




Kettlebells  is a fantastic fat burning workout designed to shape and sculpt you for rapid fat loss and a lean toned body.




A fat melting session of high intensity interval training linked with abs blast stations designed to speed up your metabolism and keep you burning calories long after class is over.


Circuit Training


Circuit training is a fast paced mix of high-intensity aerobic and resistance work stations followed by rest to give a fully rounded complete body workout.

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