Ami’s is a great place to work out. The course plan is very varied and perfect for shaping body and soul. It’s really suitable for all fitness levels. As there are quite a few regulars the studio feels like a little family. Although I have never been very sporty Ami’s, Lizzy’s and Claire’s classes really got me working hard and actually made me looking forward to it.
Suzie Munzer

Wow! I’ve just completed 20 PT sessions with Ami and booked another 20 straight away! I never thought I could do it and am amazed at how Ami’s support and encouragement has helped me through every step of the journey! She has not only trained me to strengthen my body after a long term illness, but her awareness of my all round well-being has been incredible. Her positive approach to training and kind, friendly persona makes sessions enjoyable and I have no doubt that anyone can achieve the results they desire when working with her. Thank you so much, Ami!
Charlotte Gardiner

Ami’s is more than my gym, it’s also my happy place. Feeling more confident to exercise without injury following a chronic back condition thanks to Personal coaching in Pilates with Ami- and my back pain is now almost non existent. Ami’s is a small friendly, non judgemental health and wellbeing wellbeing Centre where I feel accepted for who I am and supported to thrive in a healthy positive way. Laughter and relaxation are important to health and wellbeing too- at Ami’s I get the necessary dose of both!
Sarah Cooper

Challenging, invigorating, enhanced self-esteem, confidence and energy – all the things I have gained from Pilates.
P. Lovat

Me and my mam have been going to Ami’s now for roughly six months, before joining this gym we would never have had the courage to go to a gym.
Or class on our own!! All that has changed now Amis classes are so friendly and fun, we are completely addicted !!!
Laura and Julie Hall

“Being not naturally sporty, I’ve always wanted to get fitter but found gyms hard work and felt a bit self conscious. But Ami’s is brilliant! Really friendly, great help and most importantly, good fun. Thank you!”
Helen Cooke

“Ami is passionate about fitness and welbeing and with that pushes you to the limit. Before signing up to an intensive 5 day of PT sessions i had been out of exercise for at least a year, Ami quickly got my fitness level up and gave me some great results – can finally get back in my size 10 jeans. Always great fun too :-)”
Jill Malcolm, Tommee Tippee

“Ami does what you ask her to do. This may sound like an obvious statement but it means that Ami is entirely results-focused. Increase tone, reduce weight, increase definition, whatever. Does it hurt a bit? Yes, of course – but if you are looking for a focused, reliable and seriously effective personal trainer that will help you to shift any key fundamental of how you look, use Ami.”
Michael Owen, OneBestWay & Violet Bick

“The twenty personal training sessions, circuits and pilates classes quickly helped achieved the results that I was looking for. Combining group training and one-on-one sessions meant that I was able to stay focused on achieving my goal and not get bored with a same-y routine.”
Emma Carr

“Ami is a hardworking and diligent individual. She has always excelled in every aspect of the role. A confident and direct minded method meant she was a pleasure to work with.”
Ross Dixon, Ideology Media

“Ami has proved herself to be a highly creative trainer with a broad knowledge base whose integrity shines through in every aspect of her work. Highly recommended”
Gillian Bolam, Me Me Me Accessories Ltd

“Ami is a highly motivated and determined individual with excellent coaching and communication skills that really produce results. An absolute pleasure to train with.”
Alex Stephens

“Ami is an excellent personal trainer and I have known her for some time in both a personal and professional capacity, I would have no hesitation in recommending her services.”
Chris Green, 007 Marketing

“Ami is a superb personal trainer, who makes the whole process of maintaining peak fitness an absolute joy. Highly recommended.”
Ben Maltby, Matrix Lloyd

“Not having ever been into fitness i gave this a go and totally loved it I do not like to be preached to while I accept that I need work!! And (most importantly)I was able to wear my short shorts this summer (not something I have done since I was 17) all because of Ami!! Thank you. Xx”
Emba Gibbon

“I love Ami. She is the most fantastic trainer – striking the right balance between knowing your limits and pushing you harder. I really enjoy my sessions and her pilates classes. I would recommend Ami to anyone. Professional, upbeat, understanding and not only does she keep you motivated, but the routines are always varied so you never get a chance to reach the workout slump! Thanks Ami.”
Zoe Lacey

Great instructor with lots of experience.
David Rocket, Enigma Interactive

Ami is an accomplished Pilates instructor with a great sense of humour. She really takes the time to get to know her trainees and provide sessions tailored to individual needs. I can honestly feel the benefits, both physically and mentally, of attending Ami’s Pilates classes. Her sessions can be hard work – but they are always great fun!
Sally Taffs, Enigma Interactive

Ami’s classes are an oasis of relaxation in my otherwise often manic day… but that’s not to say they are easy – she is quite the tax mistress. She has pushed me to understand my body more, to unlock its hidden (who knew?!) strength and I credit her entirely with halting the advancement of my buttocks down my thighs. Thanks Ami!
Nicole Atkin, Enigma Interactive

I have greatly enjoyed and benefitted from Ami’s Pilates classes over the last 12 months. She goes out of her way to make sure everyone in the class is getting what they want out of the session and tailors the content to people’s specific requirements. I would recommend Ami to anyone.
James Furniss, Enigma Interactive


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